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Grown on Brookman Vineyards, in the cool sands of Blewitt Springs

enriching the flavour, colour and quality of this wine.

Soft Merlot tannins have been enhanced by American and French Oak, bringing out Cherry and Mulberry flavours, while still allowing for the Merlot style freshness.

A quality accompaniment to any food style. 


Merlot - “Pebble Hill” - A quality accompaniment to any food style

Slow ripening of fruit enriches the flavour and quality. Soft Merlot tannins enhanced by American and French oak, bringing out cherry and mulberry flavours uncompromising the Merlot style freshness

PRICE DROP: Now just $15 per bottle, $180 per case!


Cab Merlot

Ruby colour, medium to full body. Grown in the deep, cool sands of Blewitt Springs, allowing the fragrances of Cabernets' natural floral variety to excel, balanced with the smooth subtleness of Merlot.

Soft integrated tannins with American and French Oak Influence. Rose Petal, Mulberry and Cherry flavours.

This fine wine will compliment any occasion. 


Cabernet/Merlot -“Cool Sands” - Any occasion wine

Ruby, medium to full body. The cool climate allowing the fragrances of this natural floral variety to excel, balanced with the smooth subtleness of Merlot. Rose petal, mulberry and cherry flavours.

PRICE DROP: Now just $15 per bottle, $180 per case!


Chenin Blanc



A wine that exemplifies the passion and commitment of McLaren Vale, producing world class wines.

Made from 100% Estate grown fruit. Grown in the cool, sandy soils of Blewitt Springs, enhancing the flavours and quality of this Chenin.

A Crisp Summer wine showing aromas of Green Apples, Citrus Blossom, Lycee and Mango with pleasant Grassy overtones.

The palate displays good mouthfeel, providing persistence in flavour and an appetisingly crisp and refreshing finish.

A “must have” for entertaining in Summer.

An excellent accompaniment to any food style or just to quench the palate on a warm Summer’s day.


Chenin Blanc - A must have “ Summer Wine”

Crisp summer wine, showing aromas of green apples, citrus blossom, lycee and mango with pleasant grassy overtones.



Medium body, Ruby Colour, showing a classic example of McLaren Vale Shiraz flavours.

100% Estate grown. Fruit driven quality is enhanced by American and French Oak, to satisfy wine lovers’ early enjoyment of this wine.

Further ageing will allow for fruit complexity, Red and Blackberry spectrum, floral nose.

A fine wine to compliment to any food style.


Shiraz - “Silv’s Block” – A wine lovers Red

Classic example of McLaren Vales’ shiraz flavours. Aged in American and French oak retaining fruit driven quality. Further ageing will allow for fruit complexity. Red and blackberry spectrum, floral nose.

Sauvignon Blanc


Brookman's Sauvignon Blanc, grown in the cool rolling valleys of Blewitt Springs, displaying passionfruit and citrus aromas.

The palate is tight and crisp, with tropical fruits and lime influences.


Sauvignon Blanc - A must have “ Summer Wine”

A clean refreshing crisp wine, which can be enjoyed by itself, or as a perfect partner to your favourite dish.


Silv & Ida

Exclusive family owned and managed by Silvestro and Ida Genovese, with a view to producing and sharing with a Global Market, quality Red and White Australian wines at reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy.

Fruit to produce these fine wines are sourced from Brookman Vineyards in the cool climate of Blewitt Springs, a niche of the McLaren Vale wine region, well known for producing world class Australian wines.

Diverse in variety, late harvest, slow ripening, hand pruned and picked. End result, intensity of flavour and quality, exemplifying the passion and commitment of the owners and the premium fruit in the region.

Silvestro has solely overseen and nurtured these vineyards and plays an integral part in the end product.

His passion for quality wines is a direct result of his European upbringing, being exposed to traditional wine making at it’s very best.

When you savour a Brookman wine you can be assured it has been sourced from the best quality fruit and nurtured by loving hands, the owner.


Silvestro and Ida Genovese

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